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Auto Body Paint Shop in Lansing, Michigan

Cooper Body is your local paint shop offering the finest quality in auto body paint services in Mid-Michigan.

Our Auto Body Paint Process

STEP 1 – Body Repair

Prior to any paint job, our body technicians repair any unsightly dents or scratches on your vehicle. This allows us to prepare a smooth and clean surface to work with.

STEP 2 – Preparation

We prepare the surface by removing any peeling paint, chips or cracks. When these types of surface issues are exposed to the elements, your paint job will get ruined. That’s why it’s important to treat any surface problems and prepare your vehicle for a smooth paint application.

STEP 3 – Paint Services

We offer differing levels of paint services, from basic paint repair to your more luxury paint jobs. We ensure each and every paint job is primed with a surface sealer – this helps guarantee longevity and lasting quality.

STEP 4 – Finish & Care

Following each paint job, we apply clear coats to both protect the paint and give the vehicle an accurate gloss match. Protecting your vehicle’s paint job will help it to last. We recommend regular washing for your vehicle to remove any unwanted contaminants that could potentially damage your vehicle’s paint. We also recommend waxing your car approximately every 3 months to protects its new finish. Make sure you use an automotive wax that doesn’t contain abrasive cleaning agents.

PPG Certified Paint Shop

Your automotive purchase was a major investment; now you’re about to have that investment refinished. Perhaps you’re repairing damage from an accident, or maybe you’re repairing the old luster to your car’s paint. Whatever your reason may be, it makes sense to protect your vehicle with the best finish available. You want a paint that stands up to the elements. If you’re undergoing repairs, you want a finish that’s an exact match to the original. You want to know you’re getting the best product available. When your vehicle is refinished at Cooper Body Shop, a PPG certified center, you’re getting the finest quality coatings in the world.

In order to be PPG certified, painting professionals receive special factory training. Shops are also carefully evaluated for professionalism, reliability, equipment, safety, and consistently high-quality performance. These high standards are necessary to avoid finish failure that could be caused by improper application procedures, inferior materials, or both. At Cooper Body Shop, painters use only approved products and procedures. This is your assurance of PPG performance and durability.

For more information on our auto body paint services or to get an estimate, call Cooper Body Shop today at (517) 485-9397. You can trust Cooper Body to provide you with the very best in auto body paint shop services!

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